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23 – No events to post.

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25 – 1977A two-alarm fire occurred at 4830 Cedar Springs ina 3 story brick dwelling owned and occupied by W.W. Overton, Jr. The cause of the fire was defective wiring which resulted in a loss of $107,000.

26 – 1979 Station #5 opens at 2039 St. Augustine Road

27- 1977A two-alarm fire occurred at 207 Preston Valley Shopping Center in a one storey old brick commercial building owned by Percy Bozeman and occupied by Village Kitchen Foods, Inc. doing business as Fred’s Barbeque. The cause of the fire was defective wiring and the loss was $119,500.

28 – 1925 John Doreman dies in the line of duty when he is hit by a drunk driver while reloading hose at a fire.

29 – No events to post.

30- 1977 A three-alarm fire occurred at 2223 S. Buckner Boulevard in a shopping center and resulted in a loss of $534,400 and was caused by incendiary means.

31 – 1949 A two-alarm fire occurred at 1013 ½ Main Street on the 3rd Floor. The building was owned by M.J. Russ and occupied by the Joli Manufacturing Company. Other occupants in this building suffering damage were: M. Sheinberg on the 3rd floor; Frank’s Import Company, Inc on the Second floor; The Town Tavern and Marietta Beauty Salon both on the first floor. Total loss was $24,600.


A Modern Museum

Our goal is to redefine the interior space of the Museum in order to create exhibits and preserve the antique equipment, artifacts and photos for generations to come. Below is the floor plan for the renovation of the first floor exhibit featuring all firefighting equipment and machinery. By changing the interior footprint, The Dallas Firefighters Museum simultaneously will lay the foundation for expanded outreach to thousands of schoolchildren.
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