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9 – 1954 A two-alarm fire occurred at 2700-01 Luoise at Coffee Time Service owned by W. H. Malone.  Occupants suffering loss were: Harold C. Rheder; Jodie L. Nallie and Parker & Fallis Insulation Company.  Cause was a blocked fuse with a loss of $26,793.

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11 – 1981 Five-alarm fire  at Altman of Dallas, located at #3005 Elm Street, resulting in 5 firefighter injuries including one severely burned firefighter who was never able to resume duty.

12 – 1971 Station #56 is opened at #7040 Belt Line Road.

13 – 1991 A three-alarm fire occurred at 6300 Pineview Road in a residence that resulted in a loss of $548,600 and was caused by a dryer malfunction.

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16 – 1977 At 0700 hours the Communications Division switched from the manual indexing system of dispatching emergency equipment to computer-assisted dispatching. By entering the address of the emergency, the type of emergency and certain other parameters, the computer will instantly determine what equipment is available and should be dispatched for a particular emergency.

17 – 1977 A two-alarm fire occurred at 8350 N. Central Expressway in a 19 story new glass/steel office building owned by Sanders Campbell and occupied by Bill Browning & Associates.  The $138,750 fire was caused by a defective coffee maker.

18 – 1970 Old Station #17 at Lewis and Greenville is closed and “new” Station #17 is opened at #6045 Belmont Avenue.

19 – 1956 A one-alarm fire occurred at 905 Ft. Worth Avenue in a building owned by the Belmont Motor Hotel, Inc. and occupied by Carl’s Chef Café.  The cause was hot grease and caused $20,862 in damage.

20 – 1954 A 2 alarm fire occurred at 1713 Live Oak in a cafeteria owned by Joe J. Danna and occupied by Luby’s Cafeteria.  Cause of the fire was incendiary (juvenile) and the loss was $22,000.

21 – 1963 Five-alarm fire at Casa View Shopping Center.










A Modern Museum

Our goal is to redefine the interior space of the Museum in order to create exhibits and preserve the antique equipment, artifacts and photos for generations to come. Below is the floor plan for the renovation of the first floor exhibit featuring all firefighting equipment and machinery. By changing the interior footprint, The Dallas Firefighters Museum simultaneously will lay the foundation for expanded outreach to thousands of schoolchildren.

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