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20 – 1977 A BLEVE occurs, resulting in 5 alarms for a train derailment in far North East Dallas near Skillman and LBJ Freeway.

1979 A four passenger single engine airplane struck light fixtures southeast of LBJ Freeway and Highway 67, near Red Bird Mall, resulting in the deaths of four people.

1980 A Five-alarm fire occurs at #9009 Directors Row resulting in #2, 300,00 loss.

1981 A three-alarm fire at #4220 Beaver Brook Drive occurs during 30 M.P.H. winds and results in the rescue of woman who was trapped.

1981 A five-alarm fire occurs at the Santa Fe Railway trestle over the Trinity River South of the Corinth Street Bridge, resulting from a derailment.

21 – No events to post.                      

22 – 1984 A five people including 4 children perish in an apartment fire at 2408 Meyers Street.  Engine 6 was first due.

23 – 1977 A $150,00 loss occurred at 1055 Regal Row in a 12 story brick hotel owned by Great American Investments doing business as Le Baron Hotel.  Cause of the fire was defective wiring.

24 – 1984 A wall collapses during at fire at Panda Imports located 8821 Diplomacy.  3 firefighters are badly injured but all survive.

25 – 1984 A five-alarm fire occurs at 10062 Betty Jane, four wood shingle homes are destroyed, causing $305,000 worth of damage.

26 – 1984 A five-alarm fire at  the Golden Rule Apartments at 8201 Scyene Road.

27 – No events to post.

28 – No events to post.


A Modern Museum

Our goal is to redefine the interior space of the Museum in order to create exhibits and preserve the antique equipment, artifacts and photos for generations to come. Below is the floor plan for the renovation of the first floor exhibit featuring all firefighting equipment and machinery. By changing the interior footprint, The Dallas Firefighters Museum simultaneously will lay the foundation for expanded outreach to thousands of schoolchildren.
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