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27 – 1963  Captain W.J. Jones and Second Driver J.H. Jones are killed when Truck 15 is involved in an accident at Zang Boulevard and Davis Street when it collides with a police car while en route to a false alarm..

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29 – 1991 A two-alarm fire occurred at 8282 Spring Valley in apartments that was caused by a child with a lighter and resulted in a loss of $315,000.

30 – 1956 A two-alarm fire occurred at 10640 Lennox Lane in a dwelling owned and occupied by Henry Sazberger that was caused by lightening and caused $20,000 in damage.

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A Modern Museum

Our goal is to redefine the interior space of the Museum in order to create exhibits and preserve the antique equipment, artifacts and photos for generations to come. Below is the floor plan for the renovation of the first floor exhibit featuring all firefighting equipment and machinery. By changing the interior footprint, The Dallas Firefighters Museum simultaneously will lay the foundation for expanded outreach to thousands of schoolchildren.

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