February 2014 Newletter

The Dallas Firefighters Museum

President’s Newsletter

February 2014


February brings out the “hearts” signifying love, romance and caring.  I would like to add another word to that list … commitment.

After all the festivities of November and December, as well as, the start of the New Year, February reminds us of our commitments to ourselves, our family and each other, as part of the community that makes up our City.

Firefighting, too, is just such a commitment… Firefighting is not just a profession–it is a calling. Firefighters are challenged everyday to be knowledgeable, strategic, prepared and experienced so that we can be there to meet our commitments to the citizens of Dallas… or, any person who might cross our path in need.  A person is not just a firefighter from nine to five; they are a firefighter always because we are a family.  At the Dallas Firefighters Museum, we are proud of the legacy of service provided to Dallas citizens from our colleagues in the Dallas Fire-Rescue.  Ongoing training, classroom work, and experiential learning all come together in the skills of the committed individuals that make up the Dallas Fire-Rescue.
The Dallas Firefighters Museum’s desire is to match that same level of commitment through educational and informational programs, both safety-oriented and historic.  Our plans are not just about a renovated building… our plans focus on creating programs where we can work with citizens, especially children, families and the elderly before a fire or accident.  The key is understanding your role in your own safety and that of your family or neighbor.  When the alarm sounds, the trucks roll and Dallas Fire-Rescue is on the way, but how much better would it be to prevent fires and accidents…or to know that your family members know what to do in the time between the 911 call and the firefighters arrive?

Our campaign plans to expand the Museum’s programs and renovate the building are still in the “quiet phase.”  However, if you are reading our website we want you to know that our idea has been well received — we have an agreement with the Dallas Independent School District to bring 13,000 second graders, annually, to the new Museum… our plan also includes homeschooled children and private school children, too.  By leveling the “playing field” on fire and life safety education across the City, we will ensure all second graders get the same messages and have a strong foundation of safety education.  Nationally, this age group is one of the most vulnerable… and we want our children to be prepared to be safe and in order to do that the Museum has collaborated with the Dallas Fire Rescue Educators to help prepare them to be safe. So that no child is left behind at school on “Dallas Fire Museum Day,” the wonderful Board and staff of Dallas County Schools, under the direction of Superintendent Dr. Rick Sorrells, has agreed to provide free transportation for all second graders from DISD schools.

I am pleased to announce that the Dallas Firefighters Museum received an early gift of $100,000 from the estate of the late M.C. Hendrix, Dallas Fire Chief (1971-1976), 41-year member of the Dallas Fire Department and one of the original Board Members of the Museum.

Thanks to Chief Hendrix’s generosity, this gift has allowed the Museum’s Board of Directors to have the confidence to create a new vision for the Museum. I believe Chief Hendrix would be proud we are improving on past plans, to increase the knowledge of fire and life safety for our citizens.

Dallas’ children and families are at the “heart” of what we do in February, and all year long at the Dallas Firefighters Museum.  Come by for a visit!




Stuart Grant, Museum President

Deputy Chief, Dallas Fire Rescue