October Newsletter

Dear Friends of the Dallas Fighters Museum, 

Fall is in the air and pumpkins are everywhere—that means it must be October and National Fire Safety Month.  At the Dallas Firefighters Museum — as at fire stations around the City – safety is the topic of conversation.   Do you and your family have a safety plan? Do you practice it?  As a firefighter and head of the Museum, I believe that having a plan, a place to meet outside your home and practicing your plan as a family can save lives.  Take some time this month and make it a part of your families’ weekend activity to create and practice your safety plan!

Due to the State Fair of Texas, we are enjoying more citizens stopping by with their families, children and grandchildren to enjoy a trip through time at the Museum.  Please feel free to come by and join us – or make plans to come after the State Fair with your family and friends.  We are open Wednesday through Saturday, 9-4 PM.   Recently, we have upgraded our exhibits with new signage and organization.  Thanks to our friends in the City Archivist’s office, we found an individual to help us streamline our collections, create new signage and display the wonderful tools, hats, toys, equipment and thousands of other items in our exhibits. 

The Board and I would like to thank each of the members of the Dallas Fire Rescue team who contributed to the Annual Campaign of the Dallas Firefighters Museum.   Your gifts make a difference in our ability to meet our mission “to provide the City with a thriving and well-attended historical and educational asset.  The Museum will teach fire safety, honor fallen heroes of the Department and preserve firefighting heritage.”  Over 86% of the Dallas Fire-Rescue gave a gift to support our mission and enable us to put plans in place for greater outreach to children and families.  Thank you, firefighters, for your generosity!

If you would like to join the firefighters in supporting the Museum, just go to our website www.dallasfiremuseum.com and click on the “Donate” button.  We would love to have you as part as our effort for greater safety education.

Board members, a combination of active duty firefighters and community volunteers, continue to take our plans to local individuals, corporations and foundations sharing our goal to renovate the Museum, preserving the artifacts, apparatus, photos, and creating new programs for greater outreach to children, families and seniors.  We are fortunate to have the support of so many; but we need your help, too!  To name a few new developments:  The University of North Texas is helping us digitize the hundreds of photos in our collection.  Recently we asked for, and received, direction and help from Dr. Wright Lassiter, Chancellor of Dallas County Community College and his great staff at Brookhaven Community College.   This wonderful group of educators is working with the Dallas Fire Rescue Educators and the Museum team to help us create innovative programs, which can then be offered to 2nd graders, middle school students and teens.  We are starting with a “brainstorming” session this November. 

Therefore, as we “go to school” to create new programs incorporating science, technology, engineering and math—along with a lot of fun—we will keep you posted on what we learn.  But don’t wait until we’re finished, come down to the Museum and learn how to keep your family safe—and watch your child to climb on a fire truck!

Thank you for your support of YOUR Dallas Firefighters Museum!  



Stu Grant,

President Dallas Firefighters Museum

Deputy Chief, Dallas Fire-Rescue


Dallas Firefighters Museum  .  3801 Parry Avenue  .  Dallas, TX 75226  .  (214)821-1500

The purpose and mission of the Dallas Firefighters Museum is to provide the City of Dallas a thriving and well-attended historical and educational asset.  The Museum will teach fire safety, honor fallen heroes of the Department and preserve firefighting heritage.